Carifiesta, Montreal

Black and white picture of Carifiesta parade and dancers, Montreal, Canada

Carifiesta Dancers, Montreal

Sorry for the silence – work and a long weekend conspired to divert my attention.  On the plus side, the long weekend was photographically productive (Montreal knows how to cram a visually interesting festival or three into a weekend!), so I have a lot of pictures to share.  This was from Carifiesta, a festival of Caribbean culture culminating in a street parade through the city centre.  I didn’t even know it was on, just happened to wander across the waiting crowds and decided it was worth sticking around to see what happened.  Turned out to be a good decision, the parade was a lot of fun to watch and photograph!

Flamenco (XIII), Spain

Black and white picture of a flamenco dancer in ruffled dress, Seville, Spain

Flamenco (XIII), Spain

I thought I was coming to the end of my Flamenco series, but, looking back through the unedited set, I found a few ‘keepers’ I somehow missed on the first go through.  This picture is one of them… goes to show that it is sometimes worth revisiting the archives!

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Flamenco (XI), Spain

Picture of the shoes and skirts of Flamenco dancers , Granada, Spain

Flamenco (XI), Granada, Spain

Time for some more Flamenco.  Something about this picture reminds me of Degas‘ ballet dancers, even though objectively there isn’t much similarity.  Maybe it’s the colours, or the texture, or just the subject matter…

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Tabla Bellydance, National Folk Festival

Picture of Tabla Bellydance performing at the National Folk Festival, Canberra, Australia

Tabla Bellydance, National Folk Festival, Canberra, Australia

You guys seemed keen to see more pictures from the National Folk Festival, so here’s one of Tabla Bellydance performing on one of the Festival’s many stages.

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