Fallen Cherry Blossoms, Washington DC

Landscape picture of floating cherry blossoms, Washington DC

Fallen Cherry Blossoms, Washington DC

So, you (and the rest of DC) are out walking along the Tidal Basin on a beautiful spring evening, enjoying the peak bloom of the cherry blossoms.  What’s the appropriate photographic response?  Why, try and create the darkest and moodiest picture you can, of course!

Or, in other words, the hordes of tourists (of which I fully admit I was one) kept getting in the way, so I resorted to taking pictures of the blossoms in the one place they weren’t overwhelmed by people – in the water.  The sun was just about down when I took this picture, and the low light reflecting off the water has created an interesting metallic effect which I quite like.

Cherry Blossoms, Washington DC

Cherry Blossoms over Water, Washington DC, USA

Cherry Blossoms over Water, Washington DC, USA

Where does time go?  It seems like only yesterday I updated Journey Photographic… in my defense, the last year has been a blur of major work deadlines, combined with an international move, so it’s been rather busy!   The good news is that regular posting has resumed, and I’ve got quite a build-up of pictures I’m looking forward to sharing with everyone!

This picture was taken at the National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC, an annual festival to celebrate the blooming of the Japanese Cherry trees that line the banks of the Tidal Basin.  The original trees were a gift from the Mayor of Tokyo to the city of Washington DC in 1912.  Immediately after the attack on Pearl Harbour, four of the trees were chopped down by vandals.  In the hopes of preventing further attacks, they were referred to as ‘Oriental’ cherry trees for the remainder of the war – I’m not sure how this was supposed to fool anyone, but I guess it worked, as the trees (and their descendants) survived the war without further attacks.

Flowers and Slate, Ellenabeich

Picture of Slate and Flowers, Ellenabeich / Easdale, Scotland

Flowers and Slate, Ellenabeich (Easdale), Scotland

Just short of the old slate mining village of Ellenabeich, we came across this field of slate and flowers, and there was no way I could resist pulling over and taking a couple (OK, a lot) of pictures.

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Flamenco (Sturt’s Desert Pea)

Abstract macro picture of Sturt's Desert Pea, Botanic Gardens, Canberra

Flamenco (Jan 2011)

A Flamenco dancer (or a Sturt’s Desert Pea) swirls its skirts.

My christmas present to myself was a shiny new macro lens (Tamron 90mm). Today I took it for a test drive at the Australian National Botanic Gardens and put it through its paces.  Not bad 🙂

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