Red Cuillin, Isle of Skye

Black and white landscape picture of the red Cuillin, Skye, Scotland

Red Cuillin, Isle of Skye, Scotland

I’ve debated putting this up picture of the Red Cuillin for a while now – it’s one of my favourites from the Isle of Skye, but the panoramic format really doesn’t translate well to this blog.  Still, I finally decided it was worth sharing, regardless of the limitations of the display format – I hope you like it!

Skyeskyns Window, Isle of Skye

Skyeskyns window, Isle of Skye, Scotland

Skyeskyns Window, Isle of Skye, Scotland

Skyeskyns, a family business on the Isle of Skye, offers both tours of their traditional sheepskin tannery, as well as some impressive views of the surrounding landscape.  As soon as I saw the beautiful window light falling on some of their wares, there was no way I could resist taking this picture.

(They also sell some really, really nice sheepskin rugs and throws, although one of them looked disturbingly like my parent’s labradoodle…)

Elgol Beach, Isle of Skye

Picture of rocky beach at Elgol, looking out to the Cuillins, Isle of Skye, Scotland

Elgol Beach, Isle of Skye

We only had time for a quick stop at Elgol, not enough time to even scratch the surface of the photographic possibilities of this tiny village, but I did pause to grab this picture as we walked back to our car.

One of the things I like about this image is its deceptive sense of scale – it isn’t until you know the two tiny dots directly under the large rock slab in the centre are people that you realise the rocks making up this beach aren’t pebbles, but boulders, and the Cuillin mountains towering in the background are a lot larger than you originally thought.

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