Rays of God, Washington National Cathedral

Picture of coloured light rays at the Washington National Cathedral, Washington DC

Rays of God, Washington National Cathedral

The Washington National Cathedral is the 6th largest cathedral in the world, but size isn’t what you notice when you walk in.  Ever since an earthquake damaged the Cathedral in 2011, the view of the vaulted ceiling and stained glass windows has been interrupted by a dark netting, put in place to catch any loose masonry that could fall from the ceiling.  While most of the time the netting definitely detracts from the ambiance, at certain times of day it creates a magical effect – wonderful multicoloured rays of light suspended in the air, created when sunlight streams in through the stained glass windows and glances off the netting at just the right angle.  For that, I will forgive the netting interfering with a more straightforward view of the cathedral.

Mountains, California

Picture of california mountain landscape, USA
Mountains, California, USA

On our trip between Nevada and California, we rarely got to glimpse the landscape without the ever-present power lines, but every so often, the landscape got a chance to shine on its own.

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